Calgary Chiropractor

The Chiropractic Performance & Sports Therapy Centre
The Chiropractic Performance & Sports Therapy Centre is Calgary's premier sports and family chiropractic clinic and allied health care centre committed to promoting optimal health and wellness through informed patient care.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 225-3842

Core Chiropractic
Core Chiropractic is an integrated wellness clinic that offers a comprehensive range of services to enhance health and performance. The clinic offers a variety of wellness services, including: Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques, Kinesiotaping, Massage therapy, Acupuncture and more.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 244-6444

Core Health Centre
Core Health Centre (formerly Chiropractic Spinal Care Centre) has been serving Calgarians since 1985. Our approach to your HEALTH is wellness-based and 100% natural. Our complement of chiropractic care, massage therapy, exercise and nutritional counselling has helped thousands of Calgarians reach more optimal levels of health.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 237-6000

Northside Family Chiropractic
The experienced professionals at Northside Family Chiropractic deliver state-of-the-art procedures for relieving persistent pain. We skillfully combine medical and chiropractic therapies with modern technology and a dose of good old-fashioned compassion. Your result: less pain, more mobility and restored enthusiasm for life!
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 291-0603

Action Sports Clinic
At Action Sports Clinic, we understand the efforts you make to improve your quality of life. We believe that participation in physical activity is a very important part of health and vitality. The pursuit of dreams, setting goals, and the drive for personal achievement are all values we believe in and aspire to for ourselves. The team at Action Sports Clinic approaches patient’s health care with the same passion that you do in your physical activities – with Vigor and Commitment! The style, the treatment options, the selection of modalities, and the pursuit of excellence in practice are all distinguishing features of the clinic.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 263-2225

Parallel Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
Our team of dedicated health professionals are committed to helping our patients regain and maintain their health, naturally. The goal of the Parallel Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is to enhance the body's own ability to heal itself. We are a complete complementary health care clinic offering the services of chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, traditional chinese medicine and registered massage therapy.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 232-1283

Healing Bridge Chiropractic Clinic
The Healing Bridge Chiropractic Clinic was established in Calgary in April of 2003 within the community of Bridgeland, with a mission to create a clinic that inspired people to heal through quality care, friendly interactions, and great patient education. It means that our interest is in your health and progress, and that we will strive through an integrative approach to see that you meet all of your health goals. Through this philosophy we have attracted patients from all quadrants of the city, and a host of people who visit from out of town including some from other provinces and countries.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 313-7123

Bankers Hall Chiropractic
Dr. John Collins, at Bankers Hall Chiropractic is a Calgary chiropractic doctor specializing in the following techniques: * Activator Technique of Chiropractic * Diversified Technique of Chiropractic * Chiropractic Cold Laser * Koren Specific Technique. Dr Collins provides a complete range of Chiropractic Techniques. These techniques are very popular, safe and effective chiropractic treatments.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 243-0111

Back To Motion
At Back To Motion we strive to provide excellent quality holistic health care to all our patients in a supportive and relaxed environment. Our goal is to educate our patients about optimum health, wellness and prevention of disease while encouraging them to adopt a proactive approach to exceptional health, well-being and longevity.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 282-1166

Freedom Chiropractic
Freedom Chiropractic offers a comprehensive variety of services to approach patient care, which includes: Personal Injury Care, Acute Injury Care, Sports Injury Care, Wellness Care, Family Care, Orthopedic Exams, Neurological Exams, Massage Thereapy
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 269-2225