Top Eugene Chiropractor

Active Chiropractic
Active Chiropractic is Eugene, Oregon's premier destination for chiropractic care. Active Chiropractic specialize in improving your physical and emotional well being through correcting the alignment of your spine. Perhaps you're suffering from chronic low back pain, headaches and migraines, arthritis, aches and pains, or sports injuries. Maybe you just feel worn out, have low energy, or find yourself getting sick often. Like many of our chiropractic and Active Release patients, you may have tried all kinds of supplements, prescription pills, or pain relievers, and haven't had much success. We see it all the time. Conventional medicine, may not be addressing the root cause of your health problems. Chiropractic care can help.
Location : 2401 River Road Suite 200, Eugene, OR 97404
Phone : (541) 543-5032

Cascade Health Center
A full service multidisciplinary clinic offering Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture and Physical Therapy rehabilitation to the Eugene/Springfield community since 2000.
Location : Eugene, OR
Phone : (541) 343-4343

Absolute Wellness Center of Eugene
Our Eugene chiropractors not only treat the obvious places you may feel pain, but we can help you learn about the needs of your body and mind. We help individuals achieve balance and offer wellness tips for both work and home environments.
Location : Eugene, OR
Phone : (541) 708-3052

A Healing Space
Unique to A Healing Space is the soothing environment and bright, friendly and attentive staff. Our massage therapists are also trained chiropractic assistants. They are artists in their craft who provide therapeutic massage for the relief of pain and tension.
Location : Eugene, OR
Phone : (541) 343-1887

Chiropractic Healing Center
Chiropractic Healing Center was established in 1988. Our practice has evolved over the years, incorporating a variety of specialties within our walls, as well as forming relationships with our greater healthcare community in Eugene and in our region.
Location : Eugene, OR
Phone : (541) 342-4520

Pure Life Chiropractic
The primary focus of our chiropractic adjustments is to remove subluxations so that the joints and the nervous system can function without interference.
Location : Eugene, OR
Phone : (541) 343-5633

Arbor Chiropractic
We offer a warm and caring environment that welcomes everyone to receive both relief and wellness care with honesty, integrity and kindness.
Location : Eugene, OR
Phone : (541) 484-0105