Jacksonville Chiropractor

Pierce Chiropractic / F.O.R.M.E. Medical & Rehab Center
Whether it be an auto accident, a work-related injury, a fall, over-exertion—whatever the cause of injury, we have treatment programs to relieve your pain and help you build a strong, healthy body. Our clinic provides numerous services to assist you in achieving optimal health. Services: Atlas Orthogonal, DTS - Spinal Decompression, Digital X-Ray, F.O.R.M.E., Medical, Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Care Costs and Coverage Nutrition
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 724-5433

American Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
American Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Is dedicated to provide you with a full range of affordable, excellent chiropractic care and therapy. We offer a wide variaty of chiropractic services, therapy and wellness care. Initial Chiropractic Evaluation, Chiropractic Adjustment, Physical Therapy, Message Therapy, Fitness Programs.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 674-0193

Alexander Chiropractic
If you are searching for pain relief, need an alternative to traditional surgery and injections, looking for a chiropractor in Jacksonville or Jacksonville Beach, you've come to the right place. Our Center is dedicated to treating every patient as an individual and not as a condition. This means we plan care, which emphasizes the patient's individual needs, with dignity and strict confidentiality. The care given at Alexander Chiropractic will be research based and delivered with the highest standards. In addition, advice, support and information will be available in order to help our patients make the right choices.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 645-7559

Lakewood Chiropractic
Our focus is on you. What can we do to help you with your health care matters? We try to treat each and every one of our patients like we’d like to have our family members treated if they went to a doctor’s office. We're a christian office and like most chiropractors “We realize the power that made the body heals the body”. We live by another slogan as well, “We treat patients, not checkbooks”. Your health really does come first at lakewood Chiropractic.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 733-7020

Monahan Chiropractic PA
* 27 years in practice. Services: * Spinal exercise programs * Massage therapy * NMT * Electric muscle stimulation * Ultrasound * Diathermy * Cervical and Lumbar traction * Intersegmental traction * X-rays * Hydrotherapy * Myofascial release and Axial decompression. List of specialties: * Auto injuries * Sports injuries * Rehabilitation * Sciatica * Carpal tunnel * Brachial plexus syndrome * Arthritic conditions and more
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 778-7963

Semegon Chiropractic Health Center
Drs. Joseph Kandel and David Suddenly, both Neurologists, have been uoted, "Chiropractor's are doing something right. They have hundreds of satisfied patients who swear by chiropractic and reject the advice of most medical physicians to avoid the Chiropractic Profession."
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 744-4461

Iselborn Chiropractic & Sporst Medicine
Dr. Iselborn provides an innovative and holistic approach to healthcare for individuals of all ages and athletes of all levels and disciplines. We offer our patients friendly, personalized uality healthcare and understand each individual’s uniueness. Dr. Iselborn is dedicated to the care and prevention of accidents and injuries and offers services including chiropractic, physical therapy, athletic training, massage therapy, acupuncture and much more. We enjoy working with our patients as partners on their journey to better health.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 731-3000

Ortega Chiropractic and Medical Rehab
We are Ortega Chiropractic and Medical Rehab and we have helped thousands of people get relief of their back and neck pain, headaches, automobile accident injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, work related injuries and many more.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 425-9740

Active Performance Care
Our mission is to get our patients active and achieving their optimal performance levels as uickly as possible by recognizing and meeting each individuals need, no matter what their endeavor, and to maintain that level for the longest period of time. We dedicate our practice to keeping up with the most effective procedures that provide optimum results. We have the ability to resolve most conditions utilizing a combination of Active Release Techniues (ART), Graston Techniue, Kinesio Taping, "Palmer Package" chiropractic adjustments, Cranial Release Techniue, acupuncture, electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy, functional exercise, and nutritional evaluations.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 296-0202

Mark Pierce Chiropractic
We truly feel that modern chiropractic holds the key to unlocking the body's ability to restore itself. Our goal is to enhance the uality of as many lives as possible with the wonders of Chiropractic.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 645-0777