Top San Bernardino Chiropractor

Dr. Phil's Chiropractic
Dr. Phil's Chiropractic is committed to providing all San Bernandino chiropractic patients with quality chiropractic care and wellness services. Our leading health professionals provide their extensive chiropractic knowledge and experience so that they may meet your future wellness goals.
Location : San Bernardino, CA
Phone : (909) 383-4201

Arrowview Chiropractic Group
Providing drugless, non-surgical solutions for acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain, headaches, tendonitis, disc injuries, "pinched nerves", shoulder, knee and hip joint conditions.
Location : San Bernardino, CA
Phone : (909) 884-1277

Advanced Injury Center
Advanced Injury Center is a Wellness Clinic. Our staff works hard to bring Wellness to all who walk through our doors in a natural, cost effective way. We perform brain based treatment for the many chronic pain disorders.
Location : San Bernardino, CA
Phone : (909) 648-3551

Wells Health
This facility located in San Bernandino provides chiropractic, acupuncture and massage.
Location : San Bernardino, CA
Phone : (909) 886.4020

Cheeley Chiropractor, Inc.
Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each patient, specializing in comprehensive health care and nutrition in order to provide clients with the best quality of health care without surgery or drugs.
Location : San Bernardino, CA
Phone : (909) 888-7649